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Hi there,


I'm a freelance multi-media environment and climate journalist based in Chicago. 

Journalism is my conduit to serve humanity, to both inform and engage the public on the most pressing issue of our time: the climate and ecological crisis. 

I cover local environmental reporting and global environmental science reporting as well as migration. 

My work has appeared in Chicago Health Magazine, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, Illinois Latino News Network, Mongabay, and Sentient Media.

Featured Work 
A Glacial Treasurehunt in Cordillera Darwin, Chile

In March, I went to the remote shores of Tierra Del Fuego, Chile,  living aboard a 70-ft. sailboat with six scientists, anchoring at six different glaciers over a month in the Cordillera Darwin mountain range. 
The glacial geologists want to better understand the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), an ice age that abruptly ended sometime between 18,000 and 20,000 years ago to gain insight into how fast Earth’s climate is changing today.  For twenty-eight days we journeyed through other-worldly terrain to untouched areas at the edge of glaciers where moraines, boulders, and bogs reveal the clues to the past climate.

 Immigration in Chicago

I sat down with Venezuelan asylum-seekers who were brought to Chicago in the fall of 2022. 3,854 Venezuelans arrived in Chicago between August 31 and January 31 bus from Texas. Inadequate communication between city and state officials fell on the shoulders of asylum seekers searching for work and a new life. Abrupt and unannounced changes to shelter locations within the Chicago area and unseen indoor shelter conditions reveal a sanctuary city with an unsustainable long-term plan.

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