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I’m Kala (Kay-luh). 

I have been infatuated with nature, wildlife, and ecosystems as big as the Amazon and as small as my New Mexico desert backyard since I can remember.  At a young age, I began to understand the consequences of extreme weather and was driven to try to understand possible solutions. 

I studied the effects of climate change, environmental history, environmental economics, weather and climate, ecological medicine, Portuguese in Brazil, and Spanish in Costa Rica, while in college. Exploring other cultures and experiencing the effects of the Anthropocene in Latin America, was pivotal in my understanding of combatting the climate and biodiversity crisis, by telling the story.

I'm a 2023 Northwestern graduate from the Medill School of Journalism where I specialized in science and environmental reporting to earn my masters in journalism.

I lived and worked in San Francisco for five years where I worked in urban green infrastructure roles at Google and DeepRoot

When I'm not reporting, I'm biking along lake shore drive, practicing yoga, swimming, and cooking up a storm of farmers' market veggies. Sometimes you can catch me acting in a commercial 👇

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