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Reporting on climate science, environmental justice, endangered species response, and food sovereignty in Chicago and San Francisco.  Venezuelan asylum seekers in Chicago are part of my latest body of work.

The Journey For a New Life: Venezuelan Asylum Seekers Reveal Chicago’s Sanctuary City Integration Limitations
Illinois Latino News Network

3,854 Venezuelan asylum seekers have arrived in Chicago since August 31 by bus from Texas. Inadequate communication between city and state officials fell on the shoulders of asylum seekers searching for work and a new life. Abrupt and unannounced changes to shelter locations within the Chicago area and unseen indoor shelter conditions reveal a sanctuary city with an unsustainable long-term plan. 


Unpacking the packaging potential of mycelium, the mushroom ‘roots’ of many uses
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Mycelium has the important role of collecting, storing, and sending information to plants and trees. Innovative companies have discovered its ability to replace single-use plastic packaging, building materials, and meat. 


Time-Lapse and Sattellite Imagery show meltwater and ice loss in Greenland 
Medill Reports

A phenomenon of meltwater plumes has been occurring over the past two decades due to warming temperatures across the globe and in Greenland.  Sierra Melton and Richard Alley PhD, reveal the relationship between plumes and ice calving. Greenland is losing an average of 279 gigatons per year.

groundwater header.png

Land temperature extremes and climate sensitivity revealed
Medill Reports

“The ice age was 6 degrees cooler than we (scientists) thought. This will stand the test of time.” - Jeff Severinghaus, PhD Geosciences at Scripps


Englewood’s Go Green Fresh Market reimagines food security and prioritizes community engagement. 

Fresh Market challenges the typical convenience store selections and creates essential access. The market  connects with community through education and events. 


Under an Urban Canopy
Chicago Health Magazine

Tree equity is at the heart of a $40 million dollar, 75,000 urban tree planting program, in Chicago. 

Tree Ambassadors are spreading the word in areas that need it most. 

bahai temple.jpg

Bahai Temple Choir Festival
The Record North Shore

The Bahai North American House of Worship held their 14th annual choral festival and celebrated a holyday commemorating the martyrdom of the founder, The Bab in Wilmette, Illinois

Fishing gear entanglement 1 CREDIT Center for Coastal Studies.jpg

Resilient Leatherback Turtles

Turtles are impacted by fishing lines in Cape Cod. Researchers say the lobster fishery must move toward a ropeless model to ensure that endangered leatherbacks, and other marine animals can survive.


Construction On Castro
Noe Valley Voice

The nearly two-year-long construction project on the thoroughfare between Noe Valley and Castro and along 26th toward the Mission has been a necessary disruption to residents and retail for water and sewer pipe replacements. 


Food Redlining
Sentient Media

How Two Bay Area Communities Are Fighting Back Against a Legacy of Racist Policy


My City Composts
Noe Valley Voice

A deep dive into the history and success of the countries' first composting program

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A Pandemic Full of Pet Adoptions
Noe Valley Voice

The cause and effect of the proliferation of pet adoptions in San Francisco and the issues of spending less time at home as the pandemic wanes.

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